The Knucklebone Floor

Smokestack Books 2022


‘Linda France’s The Knucklebone Floor leaves one with a sense of being guided through an infinite afternoon, green thoughts in green shades. The distant past and the dimly arriving future seem balanced in the hands of the blessèd guide who leads the reader through, a deep feminine spirit here to reclaim what can be reclaimed from the wreck of where we are, here to suggest myriad paths out of the wilderness. A work of deep music and wisdom, an enchanted garden of a book.’

Glyn Maxwell, Chair of the Laurel Prize judges


‘Always surprising, differently angled, richly imagined, and weaving together its different fragments and historical forms, this beautiful collection asks how we can seed new connections and ways of seeing. It will be impossible, after reading it, not to think, see – and dream – differently.’

Linda Anderson 


‘This is Linda France at the height of her powers. The Knucklebone Floor blends lyric and dramatization to enthralling effect, guided by an acute ear and a breathtaking economy of means.’

Sean O’Brien