These steel moons are small but substantial pieces, for sale, to be hung in garden trees. They form a set of 6 (although can be bought individually), each with haiku-type poems laser-cut into the polished surfaces. For more details and enquiries, visit

Moon Haiku

Venus and the moon
play hide and seek
between the pines

gauze of a cloud
like something
the moon’s forgotten


yesterday’s moon
still shining in the bowl
of your throat

his clarinet
becomes the moon
becomes the river


black oyster night
a shattered pearl
ringing round the moon

Oops! half a moon
has fallen
into the pond


Winston the Appaloosa
flaunting his flanks
a map of the moon

a snowflake of moon
the winged ghost
of below-zero light


what if you held the moon
on your tongue – fat
and silver – what then?

for protection
against lightning –
eagle, sea-calf, laurel


cataract clouding
the old dog’s eye
a barking moon

slipping through
the crack in the curtains
a blue moon

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