Hawthorn Wordworks

This New Writing North 2004 project was a long-term residency, working with schools and community groups in Murton and South Hetton in County Durham.  Some of the writing produced is a feature of the set of 6 steel sculptures, designed and built by William Pym, reflecting the theme of the elements. There are also a number of small plaques with embossed text, around the old Hawthorn Cokeworks site.

Inside the hawthorn tree, the miner’s blood.
Inside the miner’s blood, the black seed.
Inside the black seed, the chimney smoke.
Inside the chimney smoke, the white flowers.
Inside the white flowers, the children’s faces.
Inside the children’s faces, the rays of the sun.
Inside the rays of the sun, the fancy green leaves.
Inside the fancy green leaves, the tablecloth of lace.
Inside the tablecloth of lace, the skin on a face.
Inside the skin on a face, the crimson berries.
Inside the crimson berries, the fiery heaps.
Inside the fiery heaps, the glowing coals.
Inside the glowing coals, the hawthorn tree.

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