The Moon & Flowers

Every Full Moon during 2005 Linda France visited Chesters Walled Garden in Northumberland. Observing the plants and the space as they changed with the seasons, she also looked in the mirror of the moon, asking questions about growth and loss, intimacy and solitude.

A walled garden is the hortus inclusus of myth, the origin of the word paradise. It is a place for reflection, away from the clamour of the world. If the garden represents Space, the archetype of the Moon expresses Time. Traditionally associated with the Feminine, the emotions and change itself, it serves as both calendar and muse. The pagan names for each of the year’s moons reflect the patterns of nature and affirm humanity’s connection with heaven and earth.

The Moon & Flowers is the sequence of poems that evolved from this year of ritual renewal, evoking the particular formal beauty of the garden at Chesters and the familiar mystery of a perfect Full Moon.

Linda’s reading of the text was recorded in Chesters Garden as the Full Moon rose in September 2006 by Chris Watson. The Winter and Spring sections were read as dark became light at dawn, while the Summer and Autumn poems were caught as dusk fell and the moon appeared in all its glory in the night sky. Other seasonal sounds from the region were incorporated into the final version. The soundscape is available at

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