You are Her

Arc Publications 2010

‘…simply delightful…France has long established herself as a major British voice.’
Jane Holland, Poetry Review


‘…a distinct, muscular and compact lyric power, with breathtaking but smooth transitions between the quotidian and the surreal.’
Pascale Petit


‘You are Her immediately engages the reader. It’s full of the instant pleasures given by brilliant sound patterning and imagery, evocative description, arresting single lines, formal inventiveness and an alert responsiveness to the world around the poet…

But what really makes this collection stand out is something deeper. You are Her is very much a book built to last, one designed for rereading, one that holds the mind and imagination by the more gradual, cumulative pleasures that it offers through obliquities of suggestion and veiled implications, and through a thoughtfulness that circles around situations and ideas, exploring them in a way that goes beyond the meaning one grasps immediately, both involving the reader in the further building of meanings and taking the reader’s mind in many different directions.’

Edmund Prestwich, Staple